Kauzbots are robots with a heart. A fresh take on the “stuffed animal”. Each BOT has an individual and unique passion inspiring kids and adults. Each BOT was made to represent and champion their Kauze. Each being an advocate, their goals is to raise awareness for their cause and teach us even the youngest among us can be tiny supporters and advocates for what matters most.


10% of the retail price of the purchase of each Kauzot is donated to the Kauze closest to their heart.


Natasha Nelson discovered Kauzbots when she was given KALVIN by a friends to her to give to her stepson (9 years old). Nelson’s stepson immediately responded to not only the cute and fun robot toy but to KALVIN’s cause. When he discovered the heart tucked in his back pocket and learned the story of how KALVIN’s passion was to help the homeless he loved his bot even more. Now he is the proud owner of four BOTS and is trying to decide which BOT and Kauze he wants to support next. Nelson is a successful entrepreneur and partner of Kauzbots.

She was raised from a child to help others in need. Her heart has always been with pre-teen and teenage girls and would like to eventually help build or fund an orphanage in Thailand. Nelson traveled to Haiti just days after the devastating earthquake in 2010 with a team of medical professionals who set up medical clinics who helped thousands of patients over a few weeks. Always in the PR professional, Nelson did live news updates back to the United States on the conditions in Haiti and the need for the support of the local people. Nelson’s goals are to do all she can to alleviate short-term human suffering while working with others to find sustainable solutions for the future.

Kauzbots are robots wih a heart