10% Directly Donated to Charity

The Kauzbots Story

What is a Kauzbot?

Kauzbots are robots with a heart. A fresh take on the “stuffed animal”. Each BOT has an individual and unique passion for inspiring kids and adults. Each BOT was made to represent and champion their Kauze. Each being an advocate, their goals is to raise awareness for their cause and teach us that even the youngest among us can be tiny supporters and advocates for what matters most.

Because we believe in the power of people of all ages to make a positive impact, we know that ordinary people can make an extraordinary difference.

As we partner with quality non-profits, we communicate national and global needs with tangible next steps.

And...we really love robots!

Giving Back

A significant portion of the proceeds from each purchase is directly donated to the Kauze closest to their heart.

Katie Couric Loves Kauzbots

Learn what former Good Morning America host Katie Couric has to say about Kauzbots and our mission to help those in need around the world! You can find her following Kauzbots on Pinterest!

Behind Kauzbots

I gave my son his first Kauzbot, Kalvin, at age 9. When he discovered the heart tucked in his back pocket and learned the story of how KALVIN’s passion was to help the homeless he loved his bot even more. Now he is the proud owner of four bots and is trying to decide which Kauze he wants to support next. I think this has been the same story with other families who have a Kauzbot in their home.

There are so many teachable moments about how ordinary people can make an extraordinary difference. My family and I hope we can do a small part by inspiring kids and adults to change the world - one Kauze at a time.

Warmly, Natasha Nelson Stubbs


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