I'm in INDIA! December 08, 2008 15:48

After an 18 hour flight to Bangkok, Thailand, a 12 hour layover, a 3 hour flight to Chennai, India, a 5 hour tour of a potential children’s home, and an 8 hour train ride, I’ve finally reached my destination – Tenali, Andrah Pradesh in southern India. What a trip!

After arriving in Chennai today, I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful man named “Prem” (see family photo below) who has a vision to start a “children’s home” on the outskirts of the city. He and his wife have already identified 25 children in a particular slum area who are in need of care. Although they may have a mother or father, they are not being well taken care of.

For a mere $40 a month, each child can receive shelter, food, clothing, health care, and a great private education. What an amazing need! What an amazing opportunity!

After a short visit, we headed to the train station and enjoyed an 8 hour ride into the fine town of Tenali. While my traveling buddies slept the entire way, I stayed awake watching our bags to ensure they were safe.

We arrived at 1:30am, and we traveled by van to the home of Suresh Kumar who leads an amazing humanitarian organization called Harvest India. For the next 3 days, we’ll be touring all of their projects and dedicating the first water well on behalf of the Kauzbots Kommunity.