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Karson Kauzbot is FINALLY back in stock!

10% of each sale supports the Fallen Firefighters Foundation. Supplies are very very limited so buy yours today!

Kauzbots are Robots with a Heart ❤

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Katie Couric Loves Kauzbots

Why do folks love them?

Kauzbots are so stinking cute! My kids keep begging me to get the rest of them. Love them so much!

Andrea M.

Our kids are 10 and 13 and they love Kauzbots. They love getting behind the causes they stand for. Excited to see what you guys have in store this year!

Amanda S.

We have 15 grandchildren and they all love the Kauzbots. We own Kalvin, Kruz, and Kale. Hoping that you guys are back in stock soon as we would like to buy more of them. Keep up the great work. 

Douglas & Fonda J.

Bought my girl Kaprice and she is in love with her. I love teaching her about the causes they stand for. Reallg great company guys keep up the awesome work.

John S.

Amazing product!! Such a cool toy and for amazing causes.. Couldn't have been more happy with my Kauzbot Kalvin and my niece loves it! These robots are going to save the world:)

Virgil O.

Its rare that you find a product that could possibly end up being a collectors item someday. Fun for the kids and family. Really love the vision and mission of Kauzbots. 

Tyler D.

Kauzbots are radical! Super soft and for excellent causes! Highly recommend them for your family or presents for others!

Luke J.

I bought Kaprice for my 1 year old daughter. She totally loves him! Then we bought Kale, Kruz, and Kalvin. Excited to get more this year!

MacKenzie M.

We just received Kalvin in the mail and he's really cute! Thanks guys!

Ryan & Grace K.
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