A Heart for the Environment

Kale has a heart for Environment Kale keeps his eyes focused on protecting our environment, keeping it green and stopping global warming. Kalvin believes Kale originally became interested in saving the planet just because he loved the color green, but then realized the environment was the cause for which his heart was made.

Kale came to understand that the environment was alive just like us and is in dire need of love, care and attention. As he stood outside the lab of Doctor Krakowitz for the first time with Kalvin he saw the neglect, the damage and the danger that the environment was in, but most of all he saw the waste.

Right now there is garbage sitting in landfills that could have been recycled if someone took the time to simply sort it. There is plastic floating in the oceans because someone didn't make sure they put their garbage in the trash can. There are animals getting sick and even dying from eating garbage thrown onto the side of the road, or left at a park. The animals affected by litter could be spared the pain of illness and death by simply not littering. Kale works hard going green through recycling everything he can, reusing and repurposing old items, as well as planting trees to improve our planet.

Kale also realizes we can save our planet by making our daily actions "green". Kale reduces the damage to our environment through simple things at home. He turns off the lights, televisions, game stations and computers when he leaves the house. He even unplugs items like phone chargers and appliances when not in use. Kale knows and makes sure his friends know too, that a plugged in appliance uses electricity even when not in use. Kale encourages his older friends who buy appliances for their homes to only buy energy efficient appliances. He takes shorter showers to save water, and doesn't make the water too hot. He walks or rides his bike whenever he can, rather then requiring a drive in a car. Kale even frequents farmers markets to buy food locally. Local food often doesn't produce all the pollution from transportation that food shipped from the other side of the country, or even the world produces.

There are many ways Kale helps our planet and lives an environmentally friendly lifestyle. But one of the most important things Kale does is he talks to his friends and fellow Kauzbots about greening their lives. Doing our part to help the environment is what makes the difference and getting others involved is how we change the world.

Buy a Kale robot today, we will donate 10% of the price to the Arbor Day Foundation. Arbor Day Foundation is the Kauzbots non-profit partner environmental cause partner. Visit Arbor Day Foundation to learn more ways to go green